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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Five Minute Friday-- JOYfully Simple Moments

Another Lisa-Jo, 5 minute Friday....  (she has an amazing book coming out--check it out)
except I didn't get a minute to sit at my computer yesterday-- you all know what that's like!
Write for five minutes on the word given. 


When I think of joy I think of that overwhelming feeling you get when something wonderful happens and you you feel so overwhelmed with emotion you don't think your mortal body can contain it.   Those big moments, like when you marry your soul mate, get a positive pregnancy test, graduate from school.... 

but we are cheating ourselves if we think those are the only times we feel joy. I realized this week we can feel a profound sense of joy in simple, everyday moments.  For example, I felt a peaceful content joy when I was sitting in bed holding my sleeping husband's hand while nursing my son.  It was so simple but so wonderful to just enjoy that moment.   We look back on life and know we were happy, but sometimes we can't remember specifically what made us happy.  These moments are fleeting, enjoy them while you can.  


  1. Good for you yo claim those moments! Motherhood can be so heavy in those early years, taking a minute to hold onto the feeling of joy when you recognize it is so important. Lovely thoughts. I am enjoying reading all of the responses to the Joy prompt. I love reading all of the different perspectives!

  2. Visiting from Lisa Jo. Learning to find joy in all the moments, too.

  3. Thank you both so much for the comments! I also love reading through them and seeing where other people go with the prompts