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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Five Minute Friday-- Tree

I know, it's not Friday.  But one of my favorite bloggers--Lisa-Jo Baker ( ) has this writing exercise called Five Minute Friday which I've done from time to time, but never had a blog to post my entries publicly.  I have loved this since I've found out about it and wished I could get my friends to do it too.

The rules are simple-- write for five minutes--no editing--on the word Lisa-Jo provides.

Now I know it's not Friday, but I never seem to get to it on Fridays and I figure if I don't start now, I never will.  So here it goes, my Five Minute Friday on Sunday.


Trees are.....air.  the lungs of the world.  history. solid. beautiful. Mary Oliver wrote that angels dance on the treetops, an image that has stuck with me.  Trees connect us with the earth in a way nothing else can.   have you ever looked at a tree?  REALLY looked at a tree?  Stopped and noticed the beauty and majesty of this being.  it's alive. breathing life all around it.  Have you ever stopped to look at a tree and wonder what it has seen?  If the tree could talk to us, what kind of memories could it share with us?  Trees outlive so many other things on this earth.  They have seen our history first hand.  They have endured our collective pain.  They can heal us.  They can provide food for us.  Physical, emotional, spiritual.  They are life-giving.



  1. Hey, Welcome to the world of blogging! Congratulations! Your take on the word prompt was rather different than my own though very true. Trees literally give us the oxygen that we breathe and that is an amazing and even spiritual thing. The history that trees can tell us is interesting as I have heard of carvings in trees have given timelines on murders and helped find bad guy and I have heard of people finding bullets lodged in trees from old wars and different times. I find it amazing to think about how quickly a tree can grow, heal its own wounds, provide us with fruit, nuts and of course air all while telling a story, even in death! Even our paper comes from trees. We are truly blessed to have found so many uses for a single thing!

  2. Thank you so much for your comment! It makes me think of the message even more deeply than before.