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Friday, February 28, 2014

Five Minute Friday--Choose

Five Minute Friday-- This is a Lisa-Jo Baker Five Minute Friday Post.  It's simple: she provides a word and people all over the world write non-stop for five minutes about it.

This week's word is CHOOSE


Life is made up of a series of choices.  One choice leads to another which leads to another and each one brings us to the very point where we are in our lives.  These choices do not just affect us, but they affect others as well.  People we know and even people we do not.  Something as simple as buying a product affects a number people we may never meet in our lives.  So the question is-- what kind of choices are we making?  Good ones?  Ethical ones?  Informed ones?  We can choose to be informed or to stay ignorant.  We can choose to consciously do good or do harm.  We can choose to act ethically or unethically.  So the choice is yours.  What do you choose?


Check out this article to get informed about one corporation that is acting unethically and how you can help:

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