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Friday, January 31, 2014

Five Minute Friday-- HERO

This is a Lisa-Jo Baker Five Minute Friday Post.  It's simple, she provides a word and people all over the world write non-stop for five minutes about it.

This week's word?  Hero.


Hero.  what a complicated word.  growing up in america I immediately think of a war veteran because that's the image that is ingrained in us from an early age.  But what else does a hero look like?  I'm currently watching the show, "Heroes" and while many of the characters have good hearts, there is one character that always seems to do the right thing-- his name is Hiro.  Even if it means saying goodbye to those he loves and risking his own life, he always does what he can to "save the world."  Isn't that what a hero is?  someone who will do ANYTHING to save the world?  what does it mean to save the world?  for me, it means to build the Kingdom (or Kin-dom) of God.  a hero, a true Christian, is one who will do anything to build the kingdom of God. who among us is brave enough?  Sure, many of us have good hearts and give it some effort and do good, but who is brave enough to be like Hiro and risk everything to save the world?  To be selfless, to put others first?  To put God first?


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  1. Stopping in from FMF. Loved the post. Wow...very powerful in just a few words. Great job.